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FlowTrack is a network of intelligent sensors designed to track individuals around any indoor space. It uses state-of-the-art thermal imaging and a high-performance processor to detect, analyse and track people, and store or transmit this data to a remote server for further analysis.

FlowTrack can be installed permanently on a ceiling, or temporarily for short-term surveys, and powered either from existing wiring or via an internal battery.


The device can be used in almost any indoor location, from retail to industrial to office environments and gathers data to gain insights into the movement of people around a given space. Whether placed in front of a particular retail display, in an open plan office, or throughout an entire workspace, the data gathered will provide valuable insights into how spaces are used.


The data gathered by FlowTrack can be used in any number of ways, from determining how efficient an office layout is to how many people stop to browse at a particular retail display. By monitoring and analysing a space in real-time, metrics can be gathered to inform decisions on how effectively it is being used, or how well a particular merchandising display is operating.

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